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Juels Pellow - International Artist

Wave of Understanding-SOLD- custom giclee prints available

Wave of Understanding-SOLD- custom giclee prints available

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101 x 101cm  Acrylic on canvas

Right now we are literally surrounded with information….it is right at our finger tips, we don’t need to search stuff out anymore or ask questions or be immersed in learning…AI can now do it all for you.

So much information but how much of that is entwined into our understanding? We are really being dumbed down, lulled into a false sense of understanding & knowledge…. We can choose to let someone (or something) do our critical thinking for us or we can search out for the truth, and use our minds to come back into brilliance and a place of higher understanding!

When I was studying neuroscience, biology and quantum physics I was constantly sourcing new information and understanding would come in wave after wave after wave! 

I would joke with my sisters saying “Girls Im down the rabbit hole again!” Sometimes I would find myself researching and learning one system of the body for weeks as wave upon wave of revelation and wisdom sank into my being. 

As we seek the truth these deeper revelations are a guide to our feet and a lamp unto my path, lighting an easy way through this mine field that we call life. 

Splashes of orange(wisdom) and golden yellow(the light within, as we are children of light) illuminate the water creating an ambient stepping stone path to tread easily to safety as deeper waves of revelation cascade wonderously over you.

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