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Juels Pellow - International Artist

Wave of praise

Wave of praise

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101cmx101cm.    Acrylic on canvas


Wave Of Praise.

A word was spoken into the dark,

Lighting embers and quantum sparks,

As star lit cosmoses formed and churned,

And our divine Pappa’s mighty hand was turned, 

Towards the land and towards the sea,

Creation groaned as it came to be.

And the noises made sang out in tune, 

In crashing, tumbling and mighty booms.

The earth orchestra played in one accord, 

As they sang worthy praises to the heavenly Lord,
The waves crashed over, tumbled and sighed,
If creation can sing Your praises then so will I.

As I sat to write the revelation of waves of praise this poem just rolled out as quickly as the tears of wonder running down my cheeks. It really says it all!

If you look super close at the waves spray you will find tiny musical annotations bouncing around in the harmony and a beautiful heart shape in the lip of the wave💕 🎶

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