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Juels Pellow Artist

The Aussie Prophets- Giclee prints

The Aussie Prophets- Giclee prints

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Limited Edition High quality giclee print on A4 Art paper
Only 10 available


It’s a calling for the Aussie prophets to don their crown of glory and open their mouths.

A cockatoo possesses a powerful screech that is very distinctive and well known across the land and as the Aussie prophets open their mouths, their powerful words will echo across the mountains, plains and valleys, with their crowns held high to show My kingship and glory.

Their words will be heard across the land as they declare war on the enemy.

It is a battle cry from the heights of the spirit that will rattle the enemies camp, bring revelation to my children and cause those who do not yet believe to look up and know where it has come from.

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