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Juels Pellow Artist

Ripples of Love

Ripples of Love

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61x61cm acrylic on canvas


Ripples of love


All it takes is one little drop to make an ocean shake

One perfectly placed tiny plop can set things to shiver and quake

A little dewdrop can create a trough that builds with awesome momentum,

Pushing out and forwards together these ripples have no contention.
An ever building, expanding ring,  that moves a whole sea into action
Could one day travel around the world in a glorious chain reaction.
If creation can do this without a thought, then we  the keepers of this dominion

Could all take a leaf out of creations book and drip love drops in the billions.

Ripples of love could change the world and put to bed all of this insanity

All it takes is to make a choice to deposit love into the sea of humanity.


The formation and action of ripples can be mesmerising to watch, especially when sunset lighting catches the face of each ring making them look like fire.
The tiny heart in the centre pushes out frequencies of healing for this world and written in one of the central rings is the word LOVE in morse code.

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