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Juels Pellow Artist

Rest a While

Rest a While

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61 x 61cm acrylic on canvas

Take the time to be kind to yourself and learn to take a breath and rest a while.

Take stock of your life, take the time to understand yourself and in these moments of stillness let go of the things that are not serving you and others around you so that you can develop the things that do.



 Come, sit and just rest a while friend.

I can feel your heavy ladened, burdened and overwhelmed.

Sit, breathe and I will lend you my ear, 

I will feel it all with you, even help you shed your tears.
The world has told you don’t too many times;

Don’t cry

Don’t feel

Don’t acknowledge you were wronged.
But running from the pain won’t serve you, 

Shoving it down will only hurt you, maybe not now, but these demons can come back to haunt you.

My hand is always stretched out towards you, 

Take it,  and in a mad act of bravery, together we can hurdle head long into this beautiful trauma.
Feel it all for a moment, this moment, 

Feel it deeply.
Be angry, sad, afraid, be anything but numb.
Look into My eyes. I am here.
I am your centre, I will keep you grounded,
As the storm rages in you, through you ,and out of you.
Let it out, and let it go, let it blow with these wild winds.

Don’t hold on to it, 

Don’t take it back,

Don’t put down roots here, growing stagnant, pushing forever down and back into the past.
The only fruit you will bare is pain, sickness, sorrow and despair.
you are too important to Me to be left here,

Too loved, too needed in this world to be that cursed tree.

Instead give Me that smouldering ember that remains and I will burden that grief and shame.
I will compress it, bare down on it until it becomes beautiful again.
So come, sit and just rest a while friend.


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