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Juels Pellow- Interntional Artist

Heat Wave- SOLD

Heat Wave- SOLD

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Acrylic and impasto, palette knife.       


A potters kiln needs to throw out intense heat to be able to set dried clay to be a useful vessel. A clay water jug can only hold its contents properly when it has been proofed with this fire. Just as we are refined and tested by our Makers fire to be able to shift out of trauma, false perceptions and the old habits that can hold us back from moving into greatness. 

So when the next heat wave comes to test you, don’t run from it, instead turn and walk into it. 

Don’t be afraid to let go of the good(or the trauma) to take a hold of the great! You will be a better human for it!
Look closely at the face of the wave to see if you can spot the word fire.

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