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Juels Pellow - International Artist

Freedoms Song

Freedoms Song

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76cm x 76cm Acrylic on canvas



Flickers of hope in the morning dew, 

On lithe stems cantered heads held towards the sun,

Reaching ever up to the One that created freedoms song.

An instinct older than time, to be tangled in the vine divine,

Quantumnly linked, forever as one, of Him, and in Him, and through Him.

 A connection so pure that now cannot be undone,

As tendrils of love dance sweetly as mist on the breeze, 

Enticing butterflies to kiss each crimson head tilted in wonderment and awe,

In reassurance that Freedoms song is free.
We need not do a thing but just be.


Is a message of redemption and hope. Nothing is required of you to be loved by your creator other than to be yourself. There is no need to strive, reach for or hustle; He loves you first, He loves you last, He loves you full stop.
The price was paid by the redemptive work on the cross to simply follow in the footstep of poppies, and simply just be.
Our spirits instinctively reach for the Son as poppies reach towards the sun.
The symbolism of colour in the poppies is the crimson of blood and the finished work of the cross, where the only true freedom is found and orange for spiritual wisdom to always seek Him.
The white sky stands for purity and the light splashes of blue stand for the helper that He sent us in the Holy Spirit and the pink for the joy that comes in knowing Him.
The poppy pods symbolise new life, new hearts and the never ending process of deeper revelation of His word. The butterflies serve as tiny evangelists, spreading the message of hope and love as good pollinators do….you will find the message written in their wings as you let hope arise! 

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