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Juels Pellow International Artist

Breaking Through

Breaking Through

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91 x 91cm.    Acrylic & impasto on canvas

No more holdin back, no more playing it small.

It’s time to burst through the false barriers that have been holding you back. It’s time to birth that new thing, it’s time to revive old dreams, it’s time to break through!!!!


This lil guy was started at the beginning of a 21 day fast. I was contending in the spirit for break thru for a few different areas in my own life, but also for the lives of others…

To see people break thru health battles, mental health issues, in businesses & finances, to start believing in their dreams again, to contend for miracles & relationships to repair…..

Then I saw the ripples in the colours of the background move and sway like it was just a flimsy curtain, not even a wall and I saw the shadow of a little humming bird stopped mid flight, considering his next move….. then he backed up twice in quick succession and flew head first straight thru the veil, breaking the screen easily, appearing on the other side with a little glint in his eye!


So go ahead little hummingbird… listen to that heart cry, trust that you have the power within you….sometimes the battle is won just by being determined to never give up on the dreams and visions you have been given & push that one last time💚

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