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Juels Pellow - International Artist

Beautiful Surrender

Beautiful Surrender

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92 x 92 cm Acrylic and texture medium.

This painting was from a vision I was shown in November of 2023 of an incredible waterfall of flowers flowing from Heaven. Each one of the flowers represented the heart of one of His kids and when I reached up and grabbed mine i immediately knew that I wanted to throw it at the feet of Pappa God like He was just finished singing an aria at the opera. 
As soon as I did this I knew that I was showing Him how much I loved and trusted Him and I came into the place of beautiful surrender...complete trust.
He stood up and declared "You are about to see the greatest encore the world has ever seen!"

I was floored and totally immersed in His great love for the earth and knew it was a message to move into the new season. Love conquers all.

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