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Juels Pellow Artist

Be Still

Be Still

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Acrylic and impasto on canvas

Every once and a while we need to slow down, stop and be still.

This ever forward, progress or die, hustle or be left behind message from the word is creating stress and havoc in our bodies, minds and our communities.

We are so conditioned to be overwhelmed, self focused and isolated that we have forgotten why we are here.
We are here to love one another, to serve and help each other and lift each other up.
And if we just take some time to be still, rest, breathe and listen to our bodies, our spirit and our purpose, we will feel the connections grow towards one another and we can become someone else’s solution to a problem, if we just learn to be still and listen.

My amazing nephew sent me this photo from our home town of Tathra NSW and challenged me to paint it.

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